Meet Ariana

Ariana Shelton

Director of operations

Meet Ariana, the heart and soul of Laura Marie Group at eXp Realty. With an impressive 33-year career that spans entrepreneurship, education, business and spiritual mentorship, she stands as our beacon of guiding wisdom as our Director of Operations. But Ariana’s role isn’t confined to the four walls of the office; it reaches the very heart of homes, making them better places to live with her unique application of modern feng shui principles and construction know-how.
Ariana is the embodiment of passion and purpose, driven by the desire to transform lives through real estate. Whether you are looking to buy a home, create income through property investment, or sell your house to move on to a new chapter, Ariana’s enthusiasm and skill and design sense is there to make your way easier. She’s not just a support person; she’s a dream-maker, helping clients’ real estate dreams come alive.

But that’s not all! Known affectionately as “The Best Mom Ever,” surprise – she’s Laura’s mom!

When she’s not steering the team or assisting clients, you can find her living her paradise dream, swimming in the warm Gulf waters, watching playful dolphins, or searching for shells and shark teeth along the picturesque coastline and enjoying family and her pups.

Ariana’s commitment to clients, community, and family paints a picture of a woman who’s not just about business but about bringing joy, value, and connection to all she touches. With her at the helm, your real estate journey is not just a transaction; it’s an experience filled with warmth, integrity, and genuine care.

Ariana is the proud momma of two extraordinary humans, Laura and David, and her beloved dog Rosa, who she rescued in 2019. #zendog

Nature is her muse. Pretty much anytime she is not actively with a client, you will find her outside somewhere. Be it riding a bike, creating a garden paradise, hiking, on the beach (shark tooth hunting), you name it, all things nature.

She is grateful to have lived in many areas of the United States, but feels like she came home when she moved to St. Pete with it’s culture, music, creative and entrepreneurial spirit. She LOVES living in paradise, swimming in the warm waters of the Gulf, watching dolphins play, and collecting shells and shark teeth along the coastline.