A Little Known Secret About VA Loans

A Little Known Secret About VA Loans


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➡️Veterans, here is a little known fact about VA loans that 9 out of 10 people, including realtors don’t know about.

If you follow current real estate trends, you know it is a smart financial move to invest in real estate. It will help you to build generational wealth and secure you against inflation. Multi-unit properties will help pay for your mortgage and create greater cash flow for you.

➡️Here’s the really good part! When you use the correct lender, you can use your VA loan to buy a property that has up to 4 units with ZERO % down!!! The lenders I work with ALSO do not charge the excessive fees to use your VA loan.

Who is eligible for VA Home Loans?
🔹Active-Duty Personnel
🔹Members of the Reserves & National Guard
🔹Eligible Spouses

I feel blessed that as a realtor, I have been able to help so many Veterans buy homes utilizing their VA loan. Staying up-to-date and bringing you the best information is my way of honoring your service. Call, text or message me if I can be of assistance to you.

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